Community Referral Agents

An action call to the community from a Childless Dad. 

In the ”African – American Community,  most Childrenless Fathers are in silence about their lives and the challenges they face. Many are functional depressed good  men that have been bombarded with so much negative experiences that they do not have a place to vent or to get the support they need.Oftentimes   their Barbers  become their earpiece to vent on and also where they can get some sort of stress relief that the barbershop can offer. 

Dads Concierge Services  wants to help multiple groups of Childless Dads get their Fatherhood back on track. We want to partner with the Barbershops and Barbers in the community to help these dads with the support and services they may not have access to.  We call these partners,  Community Referral Agents. Together with the CRA’s, dads can begin their fatherhood recover process tthethe CRA’s can begin growing their business for participating in this positive  community experience.

Barbershop owners and  Barbers wanting more information  should email with your expressed interest.  Type “COMMUNITY REFERRAL AGENTS ” in the subject area. 


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