Childrenless Fathers Suffers From Child-Seperation

In case you didn’t know, noncustodial fathers are Childrenless fathers. A lot of them are good fathers/dads that has had a lot of compounded bad experiences dropped on them, leaving most of them emotionally drained and disfunctional while others go beyond the breaking point.

One of the most strongest desires a father has is the guide, protector and provider to his family/child(ren). He will  what’s necessary to do his duty or die trying. But when the adversary is the mother,  that adds another seasoning to the pot of reason. 

When the fathers get tangled up in that child support web, they begin to loose their grip on their children and eventually loose them all together.  These fathers begin to have multiple mental funerals of their children, while their children are still alive.  Through  there,  duress and/or coercion,  the children are strategically kept away from their fathers by the mothers. This is when fathers begin noticing that they have holes in there souls in the shape of their children. For those fathers that don’t rebound from this,  you hear about in the news because they have committed murder/suicide.

Unfortunately,  fathers are becoming younger and situations are more mind challenging.  If we don’t stop, think, assess, forgive and be the example of working together to do what’s really in the best interest  of the children.  Then we will do our generational community a disservice. 

It is time to circumcise our minds and see thru the lies, discipline ourselves to stay alive and live the life of love.  – Thoughts of a Childrenless Father © 2016 Primetime Anthony 



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