Setbacks Setups

As a student of life. I find that after all the let downs, disappointments, upsets, setbacks and put downs by situations, circumstances and people. 

I have had the occassion to get upset for a period of time, cool off and  hit the rewind button to try and make some sense of the mess I was simmering in. Sometimes I simmered longer than other times because things appeared more up close and personal and my focus was on the challenge rather than on the solution. Thanks to  hindsight,  I was allowed to view the roles the people played, including myself, along with the reason why or the purpose why we played our roles the way we did during those situations and circumstances known as life lessons. Hindsight with integrity reveals the true characters of other people and ourselves.

As a student of life. I learned that we do the praticle first and theorize aftrewards. This is just the opposite of what we were taught in school. We were taught theory first then practiced the throry second. Even the grading systems are different. One grade you for Quoteology and one grade you for Characteristics.

Forward movement is required in the season of uncertainty and don’t get upset because of your setbacks. Your setbacks are your setups for your come ups, if you learn how to use the right attitude and learn the lessons of life.

Primetime Anthony © 2016


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