“If You Were  My Concierge?  … A Childless Dad Story. “

I would like you to take the position of being my Concierge. I come to you and tell you that I need resources offered to me as money saving benefits. 

What I would like to do is work out a flat monthly fee where you provide services to me that would save me time and money. Such as manage my (child support ) bad debt, provide fatherhood mentoring, and financial education. 

I would want to be able to receive access to these services as benefits to me at no additional cost,  prepaid for one year. Now,  if you were my Concierge, what would you charge me monthly to access these services? . . More importantly dad,  what would these services be worth to you? 

  • Bad (Child Support ) Debt Management * Child support arrears; Suspended License, Arrest Warrants * Debt repayment plan /s
  •   Fatherhood mentoring ; Court coaching *  fatherhood classes and tips. 
  • Fatherhood Financing; Pay off  debt * Improve credibility  * Home buyers Rent To Own Program. 

How many dads do you know who needs to know about these services?  Through Dad’s Concierge  Services© groups of childless dads can begin to manage their fatherhood the way they imagined it before they ended up with being childless.

As a childless Dad myself,  I was in need of these services but didn’t know it.  Mainly because I didn’t know very much about the child support system itself or the support groups that really gave the help that was really needed by the childless dads like myself.  

Often times  I read about or see videos  of  different communities reaching out to the homeless community  or fathers sharing the love and quality time together with their children,  all of which are good. However,  there were very few communities (business and family) supporting (non custodial ) childless fathers of fatherless children. That’s why  Dad’s Concierge Services© is offering  support to parents of broken families  in their community in the form of Financial Services, Family Assistance  and Community Partnership. 


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