Community,  The Womb Of Your  Environment  

By Primetime Anthony – All Rights Reserved

Wombs have a hostile environment for the sperm to swim in as they make their way to fertilize the egg on the other end. With a lot of adversity surrounding them,  at least one succeed to complete the process of making a baby while the rest becomes food for what the womb has to feed.

Nine months later,  a baby is  born and the process begins again.

This time, the womb has changed into a community. A community with  some sort of hostilities in it, so much that  Weed and Seed /  Gentrification is added into the mix of things in the community. Just like the sperm, with the huge amount of odds against it. So does the baby. This baby may have unforeseen assistance in helping it become successful much like the sperm may have had to reach the egg.

Now add a face to that baby,  and add the same amount of odds against it that the sperm had and you begin to see how interesting this becomes. Just look at the community you’re in now!

While involved in a interesting conversation with a gentleman today, as we were talking about the difference in communities and the people in them.  This anology came to mind and inspired me to continue thinking upon it, as well as what is it that  we’re supposed to be doing in this [womb] community that we’re in and what is our purpose here?

That’s when I arrived to the conclusion that

the conception  of the  INCEPTION is the MATRIX of this TRUMAN SHOW and our zip code is studio set. 

Can you imagine a studio set the size of a city,  a state, a nation, a continent?

Anyway, those are the three main movie titles that seemed to fit this scenario at the time.  I am sure there are more that could be added,  but for now they will do.

I pray the babies make it to the other side and advance to the next level.

“We now return you back to your regularly scheduled program.”


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