7 Tips For “African American” Males    

By Primetime Anthony – All Rights Reserved

This is one of the chapters from one of my books that will be out soon to help Childless Dads through their Fatherhood restructuring. These are some of the  tips that stood out and grabbed my attention which   seemed to be missing from the broken families whose children I have had the privilege to teach; have lived with and was apart of. 

Nevertheless,  here they are! 

1. Assure Each Male  Fully Participates In  Rites Of Passages – One  of the most  important missing ingredients in our families across the board is Rites Of Passeges [especially for boys ]. To prevent them from failing when it comes to Manhood and freezing up because they don‘t know what to do. They should have gone through a Rites Of  Passages  deep  and intense training that covers the facet of being a man. So when they graduate, they will be prepared for their post in life. 

2. Present Positive Male  Moral Examples – Most males learn from what they see versus what they hear. There’s a bible story about a man named “Jacob “that refers to mimicking. He stripped and marked tree branches and placed them around the watering hole during the mating season for the flocks that belonged to him and his uncle. Those flocks that had off springs that looked like those tree branches that were stripped and marked, belonged to Jacob.  The uncle thought Jacob robbed him when Jacob left his uncle. After the uncle inspected the flock, he determined that he had not been robbed.  Positive Males teaches what Manhood entails. 

3. Brand Into Them To Respect In Their Fellow Man  Boys should learn early in their life to respect their elders, women, other people’s property, the law,  and authority. Males being infused with respect shapes them into honarable men of integrity. 

4. Brand Into Them The Value Of Family And Marriage Unity – Males must know their purpose and duty in life and in their family which is their in-house community. Just like their favorite group or sports team,  they must learn how to celebrate their “Family’s Team” with even more enthusiasm and spirit. So much so that other families want to join their team!  Develop that family huddle and begin to love-on,  support,  encourage and influence each other as team-mates do. After having that daily Head-Coach meeting with God, husbands needs to have that daily game plan reviews with their wives then have them with the family – team. 

5. Brand Into Them The Principles Of Collective Work And Responsibility – Show them how to build and Maintain their family together and make their family members problems their problems and learn to solve them together. 

6. Brand Into Them The Importance Of Unity – The spirit to create and maintain unity in the family and community.

7. Brand Into Them The Importance Of Faith In God – Young males should have that solid foundation that’s been tempered and tried. One that won’t crack or crumble. To trust God with; all their hearts; their parents; their family; their  community;  the righteousness and victory of our struggle. 


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